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Retail Epoxy Flooring Installation

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It is essential in a retail space to ensure that you are delivering the right atmosphere and experience for your particular customers.

On our site visit, we discuss with you the range of epoxy flooring we can offer and help you choose, dependant on the type of retail outlet, the perfect floor coating for your retail space.

We try and ensure that the epoxy flooring chosen will match the store décor you already have, and it will complement the style and atmosphere of your store.

Our primary aim is to combine durability with the design that provides a professional-looking floor for your customers.

Our custom colors, patterns, and styles will ensure we always have the right solution for your particular store retail type.

Depending on the coverage required, we can usually apply the epoxy flooring within 24 hours. 

Once dry, it will be an easy to clean, water-resistant, and the chemical resistant floor that will not stain or deteriorate over time.

The durability of the floor means that it can withstand considerable footfall over its lifetime without showing tell-tale signs of wear and tear, unlike some other traditional floor coverings that can easily become tired looking.

Why Choose An Epoxy Floor For Your Retail Store?

An epoxy floor covering for a retail store is a fantastic choice. By its nature, a retail store will have continual footfall where it is so easy to accumulate dirt and people debris on a daily basis.

As epoxy flooring is slip-resistant and attractive looking, you can rest assured the customer will love the look and feel underfoot.

The other advantage of an epoxy floor is the fact that maintenance is kept to a minimum. 

It is so easy to clean and maintain and is resistant to cracking or general debilitation of the floor surface.

You might have a daily cleaning routine where chemicals are used to clean the floor on a regular basis?

Our epoxy flooring, being chemical resistant, can withstand any amounts of continual clean.

Also, being stain resistant, it can hide a multitude of spillage or drops from your customers.

Retail Durability

The other great thing about epoxy flooring is genuinely its durability. It will maintain its appearance over many years and can endure the harshest conditions.

Our retail solutions can cater to many different retail type floors from shopping malls, beauty salons, fashion stores, and hairdressing salons. 

We are able to cater for any shape or design to encourage retain customers into your stores. We are also able to incorporate logos, slogans, or any other marketing messages in the flooring for you.

Consult Our Professional Team

We have a team of designers at Epoxy Floor Solutions who will work with you on designing your flooring system.

Being able to offer an array of color options and blended patterns to match your store makes us your top choice when it comes to your retail flooring needs.

To schedule a consultation or site visit, please contact us.

When You Want High-Quality Epoxy Flooring, Contact The Experts at Epoxy Now Today!

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Are You Considering Epoxy Flooring?

The liquid to solid epoxy flooring installation process gives Epoxy Coating the benefits of being strong, stain-resistant and slip-resistant.

These are a few of the reasons why Epoxy Flooring is such a popular choice for flooring in schools, garages, hospitals, schools and industrial areas. However, Epoxy Flooring is also becoming more popular in residential kitchens, living rooms, and recreational areas.

Contact us today to learn more about how Epoxy Flooring can benefit you!



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