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Epoxy Floor For Your Garage

We have a full range of garage flooring products that are available in various styles, and I am sure you will be able to meet your multiple preferences.

On most garage epoxy floor covering jobs, we can usually install them in a day, and they should be ready to be in use within 72 hours of being applied.

All our epoxy coatings for garage applications have been designed and engineered for a hard standing durability, which will help to eliminate the annoying build up of any concrete dust.

Once installed, your new epoxy garage floor will be easy to clean, and having an anti-slip property will also be able to withstand heavy usage.

If you are thinking of upgrading your garage flooring using an epoxy coating, it will undoubtedly make the look and feel of your garage. All of our coatings can completely transform your garage flooring into a bright and easy to clean surface.

You may ask why epoxy coat my garage floor? There ara e number of advantageous doing so. Firstly is the durability aspect. They will not chip, stain peel, and they are spill-resistant if you happen to spill that oil can.

The tough coating of an epoxy finish fuses into the existing concrete floor, which makes it resistant to peeling and cracking as can occur in regular concrete garage floors.

Why Choose An Epoxy Floor For Your Garage

The durability and hard-wearing properties of epoxy flooring make it an ideal choice for a garage floor.


If you are looking for a durable material coating for your garage, there is no better product than an epoxy floor coating.

The heavy-duty polymers that are present in an epoxy mix make it heat and impact resistant.

Installing an epoxy floor will give you over 20 years of floor life.


Epoxy flooring is one of the safest floor types you can install. Due to the application process of continuous pouring, there are no joint lines that you get with concrete and tiles. This reduces the incidence of tripping.

An epoxy floor also provides a cushion-like effect, something that you don’t get with concrete.

Most floors also come with slip-proof coatings making it less dangerous to slips and falls.

Environmentally Friendly

Most epoxy floor mixes in use today are free from volatile compounds that can emit dangerous gases. The epoxy floor mixes are manufactured with solvent-free chemical compounds.

An epoxy floor can also give you a brighter outlook! They have been proven to improve light reflectivity by over 300 times.

Finally, there is little waste from an epoxy installation, making it an ideal, environmentally friendly product to install.


An epoxy floor can come in a variety of colors and patterns. Thus you can match it to existing surrounds if required.

So consider getting rid of that drab concrete garage floor and install some color and vibrancy into your garage.


Epoxy flooring is an extremely cost-effective product. It can be installed over already installed other flooring types. This means there is no removing and demolition of the existing floor. Its durability also gives it virtually a lifetime meaning you will not need a replacement for years.

So if you are considering a new look and feel for your garage floor epoxy flooring might be the answer for you.

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Are You Considering Epoxy Flooring?

The liquid to solid epoxy flooring installation process gives Epoxy Coating the benefits of being strong, stain-resistant and slip-resistant.

These are a few of the reasons why Epoxy Flooring is such a popular choice for flooring in schools, garages, hospitals, schools and industrial areas. However, Epoxy Flooring is also becoming more popular in residential kitchens, living rooms, and recreational areas.

Contact us today to learn more about how Epoxy Flooring can benefit you!



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