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If you are looking for a flooring that is so well suited to the needs of industry, then an epoxy floor fits that bill completely.

Expoxy Floor For Your Business

If you already have a concrete flooring that is throwing up dust and debris, then installing a robust epoxy flooring will provide the solution.

Our industrial range of epoxy flooring can be applied directly over your existing floor, no matter what the surface may be.

Our styles of epoxy flooring will give you many options and benefits for your business and day to day operations.

The industry has been well educated in the application of an epoxy urethane flooring system. They have been used widely to replace existing flooring, in particular concrete flooring.

An epoxy flooring solution is a perfect choice for any industrial setting, whether they are large or small industrial concrete floor settings.

One of the main benefits of epoxy and urethane flooring systems for the industrial user is the durability it brings. One of the added advantages is that it is also highly resistant to corrosion by chemical spillage.

Its colorful character also improves the lighting of the space, reflecting UV rays and is able to withstand temperatures in the extreme.

Just these benefits of the flooring system make an epoxy floor an ideal choice for factories, manufacturing plants, fire stations, schools, and many more industrial type operations.

How do We work On Your Installation?

Once you make the choice of installing an epoxy floor, we work with you to ensure the installation runs as smoothly as possible without too much disruption to your business.

We can start by removing the existing flooring of your building if you require us to do this.

We ensure the whole area is clear of debris and waster product, and we then clean and prepare the area which is going to have its new flooring laid.

We then resurface the area and apply the epoxy coating of your choice, ensuring the whole area is covered in a uniform manner.

All our skilled craftsmen have had many years of experience of floor resurfacing, and we only use the most up to date methods and tools to carry out the work.

Need An Epoxy Floor For Your Business?

Epoxy Floor Solutions are the leaders in epoxy flooring installations for the industry. Our years of experience ensure that any flooring we put down for you will be of top quality and highly durable.

Why not contact us today for a free consultation of a site visit so we can advise on the right type of flooring for your business.

When You Want High-Quality Epoxy Flooring, Contact The Experts at Epoxy Now Today!

Get in touch with us here at Epoxy Now today to learn how we can install the epoxy flooring you’ve always wanted for your space. Speak to one of our Epoxy Flooring Service experts by calling the number below:

Are You Considering Epoxy Flooring?

The liquid to solid epoxy flooring installation process gives Epoxy Coating the benefits of being strong, stain-resistant and slip-resistant.

These are a few of the reasons why Epoxy Flooring is such a popular choice for flooring in schools, garages, hospitals, schools and industrial areas. However, Epoxy Flooring is also becoming more popular in residential kitchens, living rooms, and recreational areas.

Contact us today to learn more about how Epoxy Flooring can benefit you!



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